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Property Management

Bliss Property Management offers complete association management services to condominium and homeowners association. Depending upon the management philosophy and direction of the board of directors, many of our services are customized to meet the needs of our clients. Below is a summary of our association services:

A. Fiscal

    1. Association Dues Collection: This includes assessing, collecting and maintaining records on special assessments, late fees, legal fees and any other applicable fee directed by the board.

    2. Preparation of monthly delinquency lists and accounts receivable listings with information indicating collection actions taken.

    3. Contacting unit owners by mail to inform them of delinquencies and sending notices of intent to file a lien, according to schedules provided by the board or by-laws of the association.

    4. Approval of association invoices and preparation of association payables as well as payment of bills.

    5. Payroll accounting for on-site personnel of the association, if applicable.

    6. Preparation and submittal of monthly financial statements to the board, including the following:

      a. current balance sheet
      b. statement of operations for completed current month
      c. budget variance reports for the completed current month and year-to-date operation
      d. general journals
      e. cash disbursements journal

    7. Assist association accountant by compiling the necessary information for tax return preparation, audit or review.

    8. Prepare year-end financial report; receive and reconcile the association's bank statements.

    9. Prepare and/or assist the board of directors with the association's operating budget.

    10. Prepare/assist the board with the annual review of the association's reserve fund program to include a qualified opinion as to the future reserve requirements. Provide the association with investment options for their reserve funds.

B. Administrative/Clerical
    1. Preparation of materials and attendance at the board of directors and annual membership meetings. Preparation includes sending out the required notices, distributing the agenda material and providing a management report describing the business transacted on the association's behalf since the last meeting. Attend special meetings called by the board of directors.

    2. Assist with the preparation of all meeting minutes, including transcription, editing, typing distribution. Cost of postage for distribution is assumed by the association.

    3. Maintenance of unit owner records, including names, addresses, absentee address, owner remittances, late fees, legal fees and account balances. Resale of properties, preparation and processing of transfer information.

    4. Custodian of corporate records and files pertaining to the association operation.

    5. Coordination of special mailings for the association, such as policies, procedures, regulations, notices, collection letters and residential information pamphlets.

    6. Requesting competitive bids from agreed-upon specifications for all basic projects that are "contracted out" for the association (i.e., painting, window washing, etc.). This includes presenting bid comparisons and making recommendations to the board regarding the qualifications of each bid and the quality of work to be expected. If the project requires numerous subcontractors, i.e. additions to the property, remodels, etc., a general contractor will be hired at the expense of the association.

    7. Supervising and directing all work done by single contractors to assure the association receives fair value for monies spent and the job is completed satisfactorily.

    8. Assist in the development and implementation of standard operating procedures and review them periodically to update them.

    9. Enforce rules and regulations pertaining to the association as set forth by the board of directors.

    10. Receive mail and general correspondence on behalf of the association concerning physical maintenance and operation of the property. Reacting to said mail and discussing the same with the board of directors.

    11. Review the association insurance needs to determine insurance values for property casualty coverage, limits of liability, deductibles, etc., and ordering the appropriate insurance for the property as the board directs. Assist the association in the administration of the association insurance policies. Paramount is Bliss Property Management's dedication to the practice of sound risk management.

    12. Supervising any on-site staff as required to include hiring, evaluations and firing. Employees are paid through our service. Each property bears the actual cost of payroll and employee benefits for their employees.

    13. Assist the association with the property and timely completion of governmental reports and licenses as required. This would include 1099 reporting for vendors, filing of corporate reports with the Secretary of State, pool permits, boiler permits, etc.

C. Building and Grounds Maintenance

    1. Purchasing all supplies necessary for the physical operation of the property. That includes passing on the direct invoice cost to the association, which affords the association any discounts from our volume buying.

    2. Maintaining a 24-hour answering service with all key personnel to respond to any emergencies which might arise concerning property management.

    3. Performance of regularly scheduled inspections of the property to ensure the janitorial and general maintenance is performed according to goals and directions of the board. Preparation of a written report to the association on our findings.

    4. Trash and garbage collection, snow plowing, domestic water and utilities, cable TV, firewood are provided or performed on a timely and adequate basis and charged to the association accordingly.